Simultaneous Interpreting

What is simultaneous translation and how do we do it?

Simultaneous translation is the solution that mediates communication between a foreign speaker and an audience that does not speak their language. It is usually done in both directions: from the original language to the foreign language and the other way around.

This type of translation is very common in academic and corporate events, such as:

  • sales conventions,
  • symposia,
  • congresses,
  • marketing events,
  • speeches.

Our experienced professional interpreters master their working languages ​​in all their nuances and study the subject in advance.

In this way, at events, the translator hears the speaker's speech through the interpretation center, usually inside a booth, and immediately translates it into the language of the audience, which is also heard through headphones. In simultaneous translation, communication occurs without interruptions in both directions, making the international event more dynamic and sophisticated.

Cabine de traducao com interprete

Voicelink has everything you need to translate your event

Translation quality depends on two very important factors: professional interpreters and quality simultaneous translation equipment.

We have it all. Our professionals are experienced and highly qualified. We offer state-of-the-art equipment, ideal for guaranteeing the functionality and fluidity of the translation at your event.

Languages ​​used for translations and interpretations at events

Voicelink Simultaneous Translation speaks your language. We have a team of interpreters who work in the languages ​​most used at events in Brazil: English, Portuguese, Spanish and others.

We organize teams of interpreters for French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Mandarin, Hebrew and more. Our translators are recognized by the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) and Professional Association of Conference Interpreters (APIC), adding more than ten years of experience in translation and simultaneous interpretation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simultaneous translation is uninterrupted communication, where the interpreter, from a translation booth, follows the speech of the speaker, translating his speech simultaneously and transmitting it to the listeners, who hear it through headphones. At Consecutive translation, the use of the cabin is waived. The interpreter stands beside the speaker and, during his pauses or at the end of his speech, translates the information and transmits it orally to the audience present.

Some factors are decisive in choosing the type of translation, such as the format of the event, duration and size of the audience. Consecutive translation interferes with the duration of the event, due to the fact that the flow of communication is constantly interrupted, but it is a viable option for face-to-face events. Simultaneous interpretation maintains continuous communication, brings the public closer, optimizes time and is an absolutely viable option for all event formats.

In general, the greater the audience's interaction with the stage, the better their understanding of what is being said. This is the main indicator to watch. In addition, some sound tests are made before starting the event to guarantee the quality of the transmission. We always recommend that our clients listen to a small excerpt of the simultaneous translation to make sure that it is being done with excellent audio quality and with a faithful delivery of the speaker's message.

Generally, interpreters carry out the simultaneous translation from a translation booth, properly equipped and acoustically isolated. Thus, it is possible to guarantee the quality of the incoming sound and the voice that will be sent to the participants' headphones.

In addition to the interpreter, some equipment is needed for simultaneous translation to be carried out, such as headphones, booth
translation equipment, sound equipment, cabling and others. Voicelink, through partners, offers all the equipment you will need at your event.
Request a quote and receive detailed information.

In person, we operate with greater force in the city of São Paulo, which includes the largest number of events in the country, but we overcome this barrier in person and remotely, we translate in other cities and regions inside and outside Brazil.


How much does the face-to-face simultaneous translation and interpretation service cost?

Some factors interfere with the value of contracting the translation and interpretation service. Therefore, it is not possible to measure it accurately without all this information. It all depends on the number of participants, languages, interpreters and event hours. In addition, the format, location and sound system are also considered. To receive detailed information, contact us through our channels:
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