Cabine traducao vista Rio

Translation Booth and Interpreting Console

The interpreters and equipment stay inside the simultaneous translation booth soundproofed and translate for the audience. The interpreters' audio is captured, transmitted through cables and antennas and sent out through the audience's receivers, distributed at the beginning of the event. In short, the performer is perfectly heard but not seen.

In the simultaneous translation booth, the interpreter has a workbench where he can set up his laptop with glossaries and Powerpoint presentations, controls to increase or decrease the volume of the speaker's voice, cough button, directed lighting to read speeches, and other resources that increase your ability to concentrate and make work easier.

The simultaneous translation booth is the best format for face-to-face events, both from the point of view of
view of the performers as well as the audience.

The translation booth is usually positioned at the back of the room, or in another place that provides a good view of the stage for the interpreters. More sophisticated theaters and auditoriums may include a fixed booth in their architectural design, usually in the technical area or mezzanine, away from the audience.

This is the solution of choice for events held in medium to large rooms. The general rule is that any room with a free space of approximately 3m x 3m can accommodate a translation booth, with excellent results.

Several simultaneous translation booths can be set up in the same room, depending on the number of languages ​​in the conference.

Cabines evento multilingue

Another possible format, for smaller environments that do not support a simultaneous translation booth, is the folding screen. Although there is not perfect isolation, the voice of the interpreters is contained within the metal and glass screen and, therefore, does not disturb the participants.

Biombo de traducao simultanea

This solution is often used in courses, training sessions and other meetings held in smaller rooms at companies or hotels, providing excellent results.

Simultaneous translation with screen

When room space is limited, the solution is to replace the complete cabin with the folding screen. In this configuration, interpreters work behind a metal and glass frame measuring 1.50 m by 0.80 m, which is supported by a table provided by the organizers/venue of the event. The structure does not have the same soundproofing as the booth, but it helps prevent the interpreters' voices from leaking into the room.

From the listeners' point of view, there is little difference compared to full booth simultaneous translation.