Simultaneous Interpretation on Zoom

Voicelink has extensive experience in simultaneous translation on Zoom, a trend that is here to stay due to its practicality and cost savings.

Do you know the great advantage of Zoom, from the point of view of simultaneous translation?

In this tool, remote simultaneous translation is a native feature, which facilitates the organization and management of event languages. Interpreters can switch between the languages ​​of a language pair, as well as listeners can choose which language they want to hear, making the experience richer and closer to a face-to-face environment.

On Zoom, you can provide simultaneous translation in several languages, for several countries at the same time, within a single meeting or room, even if there are more than 10,000 participants.

Interaction takes place by voice or using chat and Q&A, and it is also possible to record the events, in the tool's own cloud, which also offers reports on registered and present participants.

Simultaneous Interpretation on Zoom

Count on Voicelink to support you in the new world of remote simultaneous translation. We know the particularities of Zoom and other platforms, such as Webex, Teams, GotoMeeting.

In the pandemic or after it, Voicelink interpreters are by your side to meet your simultaneous translation needs, with the same quality and reliability as ever.