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Voiceover service, audiovisual translation and subtitling

How does the voiceover service work?

Is the video that will be broadcast at your event ready? Do you need it to reach other audiences that speak other languages? Voicelink provides voiceover and subtitling services that go far beyond translation, bringing the power of your video's original message to other audiences.

This is a great solution for online events, where speakers are busy in other time zones, or when you want to eliminate any possibility of internet transmission failure. Subtitle the pre-recorded presentations of your event to guarantee linguistic diversity and the highest terminological accuracy in the transmission of videos of your congress or virtual event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Voiceover is an audiovisual translation technique in which the actors' voices are recorded over the original audio, which is maintained and can be heard in the background. Although audiovisual translation is done in a similar way, its process is closer to dubbing. Subtitling, on the other hand, preserves the original audio with the translation of the lines written, usually at the bottom of the screen where a video is played.

Voicelink interprets the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Russian. We offer translation in other rare languages ​​as well, upon request.

Many factors affect the price, such as the number of languages, the number of working hours, the subject area, among others. Overall, it's an affordable service. Make your budget here, it's fast and you'll receive the full proposal, with all the details, usually on the same day.

The first step is to find a quality and authoritative service provider. Identify the languages ​​that are offered by the company, what criteria are used for the selection of interpreters and if they offer all translation equipment and systems. Then request a quote. Take the opportunity to inquire about years of experience in the market and affiliations to the main trade associations in the international and national market. For example, see if the company's directors are career interpreters affiliated with APIC, AIIC, Sintra or Abrates. When hiring, ask all questions about the provision of the service to avoid any surprises.

At Voicelink Simultaneous Translation, we generally work with carefully chosen translators and interpreters. This often means that we have already been able to witness our interpreters' work in person, by sharing translation booths with them in person. In our evaluation, in addition to the determining factors for the quality of the service provided, such as language proficiency, tone of voice, quality of diction, knowledge of the subject, experience and qualifications, we also take into account your posture, discretion and ethical conduct.


How much does the voiceover, audiovisual translation and subtitling service cost?

Some factors affect the value of contracting the voiceover, audiovisual translation and subtitling services. Therefore, it is not possible to measure it accurately without all this information. If you need subtitling and voiceover with excellence and punctual delivery, come and talk to us through our channels:
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