Tradução simultânea portátil

Portable Simultaneous Translation Equipment

The portable equipment simultaneous translation is indicated for small meetings in the client's office and for the mobile translation in noisy or open environments such as factories and field trips. This type of equipment is also widely used in Board of Directors meetings. One of the main advantages of the mini equipment is that it is compact and fully portable.

The interpreter accompanies the guided tour and uses a portable transmitter with microphone and listeners follow the speaker's speech simultaneously in the interpreter's voice effortlessly through their individual earpiece receivers (shown in the photo).

Practical, light and economical. This is Voicelink's mini portable simultaneous translation equipment, which works without the need for a booth or screen.

O portable simultaneous translation kit is an excellent choice for visits to factories, industrial or agricultural facilities, weddings and meetings of up to 25 people in closed environments. The assembly and distribution of portable equipment, also called mini team, takes just a few minutes and is usually done by the interpreter himself.

The acoustic quality for listeners is impeccable and the cost more attractive than other options, such as complete cabin and screen.

Voicelink Simultaneous Translation has portable simultaneous translation equipment for hire only.