Translation Equipment Rental

What is the importance of simultaneous translation equipment?

Sound equipment and audio transmission and reception are essential components for quality simultaneous translation. They provide:
  • clear and clean sound for the participants (speakers and audience),
  • noise reduction,
  • pleasantness and fluidity to the event.
Voicelink, through experienced and structured partners, provides everything you need to offer simultaneous translation at your event:
  • translation booth,
  • interpretation center,
  • antennas,
  • cabling,
  • receivers with headphones,
  • translation technician,
  • support team,
  • distribution and collection service for receivers used by participants.
If you want quality translation for your event, contact us and learn more about how equipment rental for simultaneous translation works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many factors interfere with the investment to rent equipment for translation, such as the period of use of the material, location, quantity, among others. Overall, it's an affordable service. Make your budget here, it's fast and you'll receive the full proposal, with all the details, usually on the same day.

Yes. We work with partners who provide the rental of equipment for translation after contracting the interpretation service. This is the ideal option for companies or schools that already have translation professionals, for example.

The first step is to find a quality and authoritative service provider. Identify the languages ​​that are offered by the company, what criteria are used for the selection of interpreters and equipment and their evaluation in the market. Then request a quote. Voicelink provides both the translation service and the rental of equipment to do so.

At Voicelink, in general, we work with equipment that has been thoroughly tested and chosen. This often means that we already use them in our own events.


How much does it cost to rent equipment for simultaneous translation?

Some factors affect the cost of renting equipment for simultaneous translation. Therefore, it is not possible to measure it accurately without all this information. If you need equipment to translate your event, contact us through our channels:
Call: (11) 91317-7910 | (11) 99982-0712