Interpreting great companies: partnership and growth culture

At Voicelink Simultaneous Translation, we know that every large company benefits from maintaining a long-term partnership with an interpretation service provider. A culture of growth will always value our contribution, by faithfully assimilating and transmitting the company's values

This is the case of a leading global organization, with more than 30,000 employees around the world, which is united by its culture in pursuit of a common goal, speaking in its own language, worldwide, through Voicelink's simultaneous interpretation.

In Brazil, another leading company in its segment, with 16,000 employees, takes its products to the world and communicates with its internal audiences, with the support of simultaneous interpretation from Voicelink, a solid partnership that has made us proud for over 8 years. years.

We believe that this long-term follow-up gives our interpreters a deeper vision of the company's strategic path, in its development and growth, which results in a more accurate translation, in the most appropriate tone for the moment.