Simultaneous translation for hybrid events, how does it work?

Traducao simultanea evento híbridoThe hybrid events that have gained enormous strength in recent years combine face-to-face aspects with the streaming of all content, including the transmission of simultaneous translation of presentations and speeches. One of the advantages of these transmissions over the Internet is precisely the greater reach of the content transmitted on the Internet. In the Brazilian market, for example, stories about …

In the Brazilian market, for example, stories are common about organizations that unexpectedly attracted audiences from neighboring Spanish-speaking countries by streaming congresses and marketing events. In these and other cases, simultaneous translation comes into play as an optimizer, expanding communication and opportunities to close new business.

Among the most frequent formats of hybrid events are those held in a recording or streaming studio, with a production team present, and a remote audience, with a visual sophistication similar to that of television broadcasts. The interpreters can translate the live in the studio, usually inside a translation booth, or remotely. There is usually an event producer coordinating all the action and a robust internet and production infrastructure to provide a great experience for internet viewers.

Estúdio de streaming usado em transmissão de evento com tradução simultâneaThis same event format with remote audience and simultaneous translation of the speeches can be produced in other spaces chosen by the client, such as a theater or even a hotel, for the transmission of a get-together or event in several rooms and languages.

With the resumption of face-to-face events, we observe a clear tendency to keep streaming events to reach a larger audience, geographically dispersed both inside and outside Brazil, with emphasis on medical and marketing events.