Simultaneous translation

What’s simultaneous translation or  simultaneous interpreting ?

A Brazilian audience waits to hear the remarks of a foreign speaker.  Not all Brazilians in the audience understand English though and the speaker certainly cannot speak Portuguese.  How do we solve this dilemma?  Simultaneous translation, also know as simultaneous interpreting.

The interpreters – seasoned professionals who fully master both languages and know the topic at hand – listen to the speaker through headphones inside a  sound-proof booth and immediately translate the idea into Portuguese (or any other language) for the benefit of the audience that also have  headphones on.

Communication therefore is seamless.  When hiring simultaneous interpreting services, clients must bear in mind two important elements:  professional interpreters and translation equipment.

Voicelink2 offers both interpreters and equipment to bridge the language gap between speakers and audiences at your international event.


Voicelink2 speaks your language.  We have a sharp team of  professionals  who translate to and from the most widely used languages in the events held in Brazil: English, Portuguese and Spanish.

We can also organize teams of interpreters in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese, Russian and other languages. Chosen interpreters are usually members of  AIIC and/or APIC, and have over 10 years’ experience in translation.