Portable Interpreting Devices

Practical, lightweight and cost-effective.  These are the three main attributes of the portable simultaneous interpretation devices used primarily for  liaison interpreting in business meetings and noisy environments, such as industrial facilities, shop floors, etc or outdoors such as crop fields, guided tours etc.


The portable simultaneous interpretation equipment is also the best choice for small meetings of up to 20 participants at in-company settings or smaller sized conference rooms. Setting up and handing out the individual devices takes no more than a few minutes and interpreters can do it themselves.

The devices’ key advantage is precisely mobility.  During guided tours, for instance, interpreters  speak into a tiny microphone connected to a portable transmitter (see picture above) while participants walk around freely, keeping a relative distance from speaker and interpreters, and hear the talk on their receivers.

Audio quality is great and the cost considerably lower than the more traditional setups such as the  translation booth and glass screen.

Voicelink2 offers world-class Gentner portable simultaneous interpretation devices at very competitive prices (picture).