Keynote Speakers

As an interpreter, you have the opportunity to learn about new trends and advanced ideas in a variety of fields of knowledge.  Over the years,  we’ve had the honour of translating a number of illustrious speakers and political/cultural celebrities.  Check out our summary list (2010).

arrow Luís Inácio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil
arrow James Cameron,  Movie Maker
arrow Al Gore, fomer US Vice President
arrow Bill Clinton, former US President
arrow José de Alencar, Vice presidente of  Brazil
arrow Geraldo Alkmin, former São Paulo State governor, currently presidential hopeful
arrow José Serra, former São  Paulo State governor, currently presidential hopeful
arrow Dilma Roussef, Cheif of Staff,  currently presidential hopeful
arrow Pedro Malan, economist, former Finance Minister
arrow Luiz Carlos Bresser Pereira, economisa, former Finance Minister
arrow Rubens Ricúpero, economist, former Finance and Foreign Affairs Minister
arrow João Sayad, Vice President,  International Development Bank
arrow Delfim Netto, state representative, former Finance Minister
arrow Maílson da Nóbrega, former Finance Minister
arrow Paulo Skaf, former Fiesp president
arrow Maurício Botelho,  Embraer CEO
arrow José Barat, director, ANAC (Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority)
arrow Guilherme Leal, Chairman of the Board of Natura
arrow Ricardo Young, CEO, Ethos Institute
arrow Todd Stitzer, CEO, Cadbury Schweppes
arrow Dr. Craig Barrett, Chairman of the Board, Intel
arrow Jeff Fettig, CEO of Whirlpool
arrow Jimmy Wales, founder of  Wikipedia
arrow Daniel Goleman, authour of  Emotional Intelligence
arrow Richard Stallman, free software guru
arrow Paul Kennedy, historian
arrow Mohammed Yunus, Peace Nobel , 2006.
arrow Navi Pillai, High Commissioner of the United Nations for Human Rights
arrow Wim Wenders, movie maker
arrow Roman Polanski, movie maker
arrow Paco Underhill, bestseller author, retail trade expert
arrow Kevin L. Keller, bestseller author of  Strategic Brand Management
arrow Prof. Michel Loreau, chairman of the Executive Committee of   DIVERSITAS
arrow Prof. Dr. Carlos Vogt; president of Fapesp
arrow Profa.Dra. Suely Vilela, Dean of the University of  São Paulo
arrow Dr. José Tadeu Jorge; Dean of  Unicamp
arrow Cláudia Matarazzo, writer and etiquette consultant
arrow Rebecca Mead, writer and journalist of  New Yorker magazine
arrow Geoff Carr,  Science Editor, The Economist