Maria Eugênia Farré

MEFarre_Interprete_smallConference interpreter Maria Eugênia Farré was born in São Paulo, Brazil. Daughter of a Spanish sculptor, she was raised in a bilingual environment, and soon showed an interest in languages.

After attending Cultura Inglesa for ten years she passed her Oxford and Proficiency English exams with honours.

Her first interpreting jobs were commissioned by Rede Bandeirantes, a TV broadcasting network, where she translated for boxers and other athletes at interviews and sports events.

Soon afterwards, she took Psychology at PUC and Advertising and Marketing at FAAP. She worked for a number of advertising agencies and traveled to the UK and other countries in Europe. Back in Brazil, she taught English to the top management of several companies namely CVRD, Bradesco and Mercedes Benz.

Farré graduated in Public Relations from FAAP in 1993 and as a translator and interpreter from Alumni in 1996. She attended a specialization course on simultaneous interpreting at the Monterey Institute of International Studies and moved to the US in 1998.

Farré was licenced as a sworn translator by the local competent authority (Jucesp) in 2000.

Founder of online glossary listing GlossPost, with over 5,000 members, she is very active in online translators’ communities. She was also the moderator of the Portuguese translators’ community of

Farré has worked as a translator, proofreader and software localization expert for a number of US- and Europe-based agencies since 1998. Areas of expertise include IT, marketing, medical technology primarily radiology and medical devices, and journalism. She has worked more than 3,000 days in the translation booth both in Brazil and abroad.

Currently, Maria Eugênia Farré is de 2nd VP of APIC- Professional Conference Interpreters’ Association.