Andréa Bianchi

Intérprete Andréa Bianchi

Interpreter Andréa Bianchi was born in São Paulo and brought up in Rio de Janeiro, where she attended the American School. At 14 years old, she spent one year as an exchange student at ACEG, Winchester, UK.

At the University of São Paulo, she studied Law, History and Economics. She then obtained a degree in Translation and Interpretation from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain, Associação Alumni in São Paulo, and Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA. In 2016, she obtained a degree in Philosophy from the University of São Paulo.

From 1980 onwards, Andréa worked as an EFL teacher at Cel-Lep and Berlitz in São Paulo, English-Spanish-Portuguese translator for Poli-Idiom, Amsterdam for one year, English–Spanish translator at Reina Sofia Art Center in Madrid for two years. Back in São Paulo, she taught translation and simultaneous interpreting at Associação Alumni, and became a sworn translator in English, Spanish and Portuguese in 2000.

Conference interpreter since 1992, Andréa has interpreted for a number of heads-of-state from the Americas and Europe, besides some of the most prominent executives in global industries.  She has recently joined Voicelink to head the Spanish department and coordinate teams of interpreters for large events.

Andréa has accumulated over 1,500 days of simultaneous interpreting in finance, IT, aviation, oil & gas, energy, agriculture, biotechnology, manufacturing, entertainment, government, quality and environmental protection. Additionally, she has translated for some of the world’s leading unions, NGOs, government agencies and social movements.

“As a conference interpreter, I have the opportunity to be close to sources of human knowledge, beyond the academia and corporate innovation, to witness the decisions that are shaping History”.