” The translation services provided by Voicelink are exceptionally good and surpassed all our expectations.” Thiago Panicacci, Head de RH-Starbucks Brasil, 2013

“It took us a while to decide which company was to to provide the simultaneous interpreting for one of our local events. In the last minute we chose Voicelink and were very pleasantly surprised with their services: their interpreters were extremely supportive and competent. During the first two days of the training course they accurately translated from English into Spanish, on the next two days, from English into Portuguese.  I’m sure that in our future events we’ll hire Voicelink again to provide interpreting services.”  Rogério Mandetta, Diretor, Distribuidor Oficial Suunto – Brasil

“Voicelink delivers exceptional translation.  If I had to name one supplier in my event that surpassed all expectations that would be Voicelink.  Both the foreign audience and the Brazilian participants spoke highly of the translation skills of the interpreting team.  Today, I’m sure I couldn’t have made a better choice in terms of cost benefit.”  Cristiane Batista Santana – Communications assistant,   Fundação Energia e Saneamento

“Fabiene Rocha has worked as a simultaneous translator for several of my presentations over the years of my teaching in Brazil.  I have rarely found an interpreter who can not only accurately communicate the content of my presentation but also convey the mood and emotion.  She is, without  question, one of the very best translators with whom I have worked in the past 25 years.” Professor Dr. Arthur Freeman, Department of Psychology, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, USA

“ Maria Eugenia Farré is simply the best translator I’ve come across over my 22 years of experience in the field.  She is brilliant, her English is perfect and she has exceptional command of  Portuguese.”  Mara Lando, translator of over 70 books and authour of Vocabulandoa celebrated dictionary for English-Portuguese translators

“IIC has used the services of Fabiene Rocha,  both in written and simultaneous translation, for years.  She has invariably been competent, extremely professional and willing to help. With a keen mind, she remains calm even through the most awkward situations.  Our clients are usually impressed by the quality of her work.”  Denis McCarthy – Director- International Investigation Consultants

“  Fabiene Rocha has always been professional, dedicated and punctual and strives for perfection in her translation. We’ve had wonderful results with her at our own and partners’ events, among which Cognos Brasil, Satyam Computer Service Limited do Brasil and Carestream Health do Brasil.”  Marina Meirelles-Director – Markethings Comunicação e Eventos

“Ms. Farre is well-known locally as the cream of business interpreters — for her diligent preparation, adaptability and iron professionalism.” Colin Brayton, journalist

“Maria Eugenia Farre is the best! She is super helpful and provides outstanding service. If you want the best possible results, hire Maria. She is #1 in my book.”  Marty Roberts,  president  of  Linguistic Systems, Inc.

“I can easily evaluate Fabiene as an outstanding professional, since her performance at work is not only precise, but also complete, consistent and reliable. She has also a personal style/approach in which she turns any translation into a lively interaction. Fabiene is definitely a very competent professional, whom I highly recommend for any company. Besides, she is a really nice and friendly person, a pleasure to work with.”  Walter Regina -Head of Legal & Compliance for Latin America at PPG Industries