Background and Values


Maria Eugenia Farré and Fabiene Rocha have worked as simultaneous interpreters for over 20 years and recently decided to leverage the professional beliefs and values they share through Voicelink2.

Having obtained a degree in simultaneous and consecutive translation from Associação Alumni, SP,  they brushed up their translation skills in Brazil and abroad at renowned courses  that included voice coaching, improvising in the translation booth and shorthand in English.

Our Values

Our motto is to do our very best inside and outside the interpreting booth so that the event will be a roaring success.

Among our values are total dedication to the profession and to knowledge, punctuality, cordiality and flexibility.

Our goal is to get your message across as accurately and elegantly as it was delivered in the source language and to the same impact.

The Voicelink Advantage

Flexibility, punctuality and professional attitude with a friendly disposition are the hallmarks of  Voicelink2 Simultaneous Translation.  Our focus is on our clients and their real needs.

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