About us

Three professional conference interpreters on the market for over 20 years decided to gear efforts to better meet their clients‘ needs. The result was Voicelink, a Brazilian simultaneous interpreting service company that believes that simultaneous translation goes beyond the mere translation of words. It is about conveying ideas with accuracy and rhythm while recreating in the target language the same cultural impact the speaker originally intended.

This is our goal and greater differentiator.  We provide our clients not only with top quality conference interpreting and equipment but also help them organize other related items such as catering, video recording, webcast gear etc through recommendation of reliable local companies.

Every year we translate hundreds of congresses, meetings, seminars, training courses, press conferences and presentations and go out into field trips lending our clients our voice through simultaneous translation. We are primarily based in São Paulo, Brazil’s most important business hub, but we also accept assignments in other cities or countries.